Shore of Galve. Maestrazgo. (TERUEL). Landscapes Aragonese. Landscapes. Natural Patrimony Aragonese. Aragon. Spain.  
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Shore of Galve. Maestrazgo. (TERUEL). Landscapes Aragonese.

In the heat of turolense Maestrazgo, between the Mountain range of Gúdar and the Low Aragon, the high and average course of the Guadalope river vertebra a narrow zone and of great natural wealth. The landscape is determined by the erosion that the river has caused in the mountain ranges that surround it, with deep valleys, leafy fertile valleys, parameras, forests and precipices, like the one of the Organos de Montoro.

Maestrazgo Galve 1

Photo: Alfredo Gasion

In his landscape, green clear of the grass and the chopos it is combined with reddish ochers and of green rocks and the intense ones of the negrales sabinas.

Maestrazgo Galve

The activity of the ground turns a zone indicated for the traditional pasturing and the forest activities.

The area of influence of the Guadalope is of special interest for the protection of rapaces like the leonado vulture, the real eagle and the perdicera.
Nevertheless, it cannot be spoken of only a landscape in the high zone of the Guadalope, that is born in the mountain range of Gúdar. The appearance changes from the landscape formed by the spots of black pine in the mountain range of Sollavientos to the vegetation of the shore, limited in slopes by quejigos and sabinares of alive tones. The wild meadows are covered with vegetation, from the mountain pine groves to the warmest zones next tothe Low Aragón. All it without forgetting the Straits and sickles the Guadalope between inaccessible throats.
The excursion to the Guadalope does not have to lack the visit to the birth of the Pitarque river, to which it is acceded following the route of the channel from Villarluengo, by sickles, to arriving at a corner of calcárea and very rustic tufa, upholstered by mantle of ferns.

Photo: Alfredo Gasion

Towards the north, we were with the beauty of Crystal Grottos or the cave of the Graderas de Molinos, with spectacular stalactites and estalagmitas, near the dam of Santolea, where the aquatic birds and blue the intense one of the water open the landscape.

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