Bestiary Aragones Esculpid. Bestiary. Bestiary Aragones. Architecture, stone, Romanesque Gothic Renaissance painting sculpture nature.
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Bestiary Aragones Esculpid. Bestiary. Bestiary Aragones.


Dare to browse Aragon mysterious and surprising, I can not imagine there could be dragons, mermaids and other unique neighbors will accompany you in your walk.

Eagles in the bestiary

San Isidro de Sevilla says "under the name of animals include lions, browns, tigers, wolves and foxes, dogs and apes and other than the mouth and nails show their anger, with the exception of snakes ; beasts are called for that freedom that they enjoy natural and are carried away by his desire-Ferantur." pick up after Borges" ... los animales se dividen en (a) pertenecientes al Emperador, (b) embalsamados, (c) amaestrados, (d) lechones, (e) sirenas, (f) fabulosos, (g) perros sueltos, (h) incluidos en esta clasificación, (i) que se agitan como locos, (j) innumerables, (k) dibujados con un pincel finísimo de pelo de cabello, (l) etcétera, (m) que acaban de romper un jarrón, (n) que de lejos parecen moscas.".

These two quotes from our cultural environment separated in time and space that allow us to realize our vision of the nature and animals in particular depends on our own cultural systems. When an artist represents a lion, is not represented as a lion, but what at the moment is for him, the lion.

Gathering these representations, we are collecting the culture and meaning (this only in part) of the society that I make and that you still care. We are the inheritors of that society (we are that society), they are the heirs of those symbols and those accomplishments, and should be our intention accept this legacy.

The representation of animals is therefore a cultural reserve to share between those who create it and those who enjoy it, in addition to its usefulness as a source of scientific and / or moral knowledge according to the moment of its use.

Noah's Ark. Turkish miniature
Noah's Ark. Turkish miniature

In this Turkish miniature you can see a traditional theme, Noah's Ark , but it is fully cultured and prepared to convey the right message to the moment and place.
While animals, are represented realistically, and away from all divinization, Noah, who is a person, has a "missing" face to avoid any temptation of divinization.
While the Angel, different from person, is endowed with the eye of knowledge.

Noah's Ark. Beato miniature
Noah's Ark. Beato miniature

In this other miniature, corresponding to a Blessed, the same theme is represented Noah's Ark but the representation is totally different, because the culture is different and the information to be transmitted is different.
All drawings are schematic because they are more symbols than objects.
People are placed at a higher level,
domestic animals are located on a lower level (rooster, obey, etc.),
further down the wild beasts or animals (wolf, bear, etc.),
descending in importance we can appreciate the fantastic animals (manticora, tap, etc.),
and even below those distant or exotic animals (elephant, camel, etc.), practically impossible to see for those who do the illustration.

According to DRAE, a bestiary is "In medieval literature, collection of fables concerning real or chimeric animals".

Romanesque in Peralta Alcofea

There is nothing more to tour the magnificent Romanesque Aragonese to realize the abundant and varied fauna represented in its monuments, and it is not difficult to appreciate its symbolic intention, a We could find a significant example in the lions of the tympanum of the Jaca Cathedral.

Since ancient times until today, books compiling stones, plants, animals, natural phenomena, etc. have been common.

Many of them have maintained a claim to compile the sciences and knowledge of their time, especially in matters such as herbalism and plant medicine, but where knowledge could not be collected, it is filled with another series of stories impossible to check.

The books to which the origin of these stories are attributed begin with the knowledge of Aristotle, who was to provide descriptions of the territories to be conquered by Alexander the Great.

Oters informations

Ample your information on Aragon

If you want Ample your information on Aragon you can begin crossing some books.

Also Aragon enjoys a diverse and varied Nature where passing by plants, animals, or landscapes we can arrive at a fantastic bestiario that lives in its monuments.

The information will not be complete without a stroll by its three provinces: Zaragoza, Teruel and Huesca ans us varied Regions, with shutdown in some of its spectacular landscapes like Ordesa or the Moncayo or by opposition in the valle of the Ebro.

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Bestiary Aragones Esculpid. Bestiary.

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