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Distribution of vegetation in the province of Teruel. Vegetables. Vegetal kingdom.

In the province of Teruel, the vegetation is in a regressive phase, as a result of the action of man. In fact, 30%   of the provincial surface is identified with cultivated land for cultivation, while of the rest, almost 60% is covered by a   pasture-scrub, resulting, in good part, from the degradation of the original formations. In short, only 26% of the province   corresponds to forested surface with forest species, among which the conifers predominate, in an important proportion of repopulation   or propitiated by the destruction of old masses of hardwoods. They are located on deep soils with little leachate, constituting a   important potential wealth for the municipalities of the high mountain ranges.

In Teruel, within a climatic domain of continental middle Mediterranean mountain, the following formations are represented   Stepped vegetables:

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