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Salt lagoons of Alcañiz.

The salty lagoons of Alcañiz are a set of some thirty buckets that are distributed in an ample surface where the cultures of dry land and cabezos with scrub vegetation are alternated.
They are located at heart of a endorreica river basin, that is to say, without drainage, located between 350 and 400 meters of altitude.
In this type of river basins the water flows, underground, from the perimetrales zones of charge towards the center of the bucket.

The water is lost solely by evaporation, reason why the salts are concentrated in the lagoons, which receive the popular name of salty, by it has ended up them knowing. Due to the shortage of rains and to the strong insolation, that causes that the evaporation is greater than the water outcrop, the lagoons do not have water permanently and show to great part of the year only one scab of salt precipitated in the surface.

In the endorreica river basin of Alcañiz they emphasize specially six lagoons by its great dimensions. Among them Salty the Great one, Salty of Calanda and the Monopoly, turned dam for irrigation and that is lost its character of seasonal lagoon.
Salty the Great one has a Maxima length of a kilometer and means and the suspended water area gets to reach 85 hectares of surface, whereas the saline vegetation occupies other 55 hectares of land.

Between the vegetation as much scrubs of romero, tomillares and espartales like albardinales can still be found (Lygeum spartum).
It is an important zone of cria and hibernated of rare lechuza rustic (Asio flammeus), in Aragon.
Also it is typical habitat of earthly marismeñas (Calandrella rufescuns) typical small birds of steppes salinasa, as well as of sisones (Tetrax tetrax), gangues (Ptrercles alchata) and ortegas (Ptrocles orientalis).

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