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The Ports of Beceite.

The Matarraña river and others have formed in its birth a steep and spectacular orography of cut and precipices in the limestone mountain ranges that separate the northeast of Teruel of the Catalan mountain ranges.

The Parrisal

National reserve of hunting. In her it is born the Matarraña river, originating a deep tube, the Straits of the Parrisal, with 200 meters in length, 60 of height and only 2 meters in width. Caves like the one of the Figuera, Miravelles, Petro.

Parrisal Teruel

In this zone they inhabit species like Hispanic Goat, otter, jabali and rapaces.
It is possible also to be enjoyed the presence of forests of pines of Alepo and recreational zones.

Other Precipices

In the rivers Algas and Tastavins, Precipice of the Fishery, Precipice of Escresala. Rocks of Masmunt.

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The project "Nature in Aragon "is an extension of the previous" Natural and Geological Heritage in Aragon", therefore extend the description of natural places of interest in Aragon such as the already ancient National Parks of Ordesa and Monte Perdido and the National Park of Moncayo with other places such as the Sierra de Guara, exponent of humid places of Half Mountain, Los Galachos del Ebro or the steppe, which in its full aridity it is represented by the Lomaza de Belchite or the wide Monegros
To complement this information, introductions to flora, fauna, fungi, geology, water, landscapes, etc. are added.
Elsewhere in the Pasapues project, reference is made to famous Aragonese naturalists such as Odon de Buen or Felix de Azara, etc.
This project is documented, whenever possible, by graphic material such as photographs, illustrations, maps, etc.

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