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Mammals are the most evolved animals of all that exist, with some 5,000 different species worldwide.
Its size ranges from 4 centimeters for the dwarf shrew to 30 meters for the blue whale.
This evolution and variety have allowed them to conquer all environments on earth, both the continents and the seas and air.

General Characters

The common characters are:

Some distinctive features of mammals

The lower jaw is made up of a single dental bone.
The epiglottis is a valve that closes the entrance to the trachea.
A muscular septum, the diaphragm, separates the abdominal cavity from the thorax.
Almost all mammals have seven cervical vertebrae, regardless of the length of the neck.
The ear of mammals has three ossicles:

Some mammals have hair changes, depending on the seasons of the year.

Horns and antlers

The horns are hollow, bony protrusions that emerge from the skull and never fall off.
Some horns are made up of modified and fused hairs.
Antlers appear as buds on the skull and grow as spongy tissue that calcifies or hardens into bone.
The antlers are shed annually and new ones come out.

Development of mammals

Mammals have viviparous reproduction (except monotremes).
Its fertilization is internal through the copulatory organ of the male.
The baby before being born develops gradually in the mother's body, within several envelopes, and receives food from her through the placenta, and is protected by a bag full of water: the amnion.
After being born the young are suckled, taking milk from the mother's mammary glands.
In this table you can see the differences between the gestation periods and the number of offspring of a series of mammalian species:

Gestation periods and offspring of some mammals
House mouse 9 days 5-7 pups
House cat 2 months 4-6 pups
Dog2 months 2-4 pups
Porcupine 2 months 2-4 pups
Deer 2 months 1-3 calves
Male 9 months 1 calf
Whale 10-12 months 1 calf
Elephant 24 months1 baby

Classification of Mammals in Aragon

Due to the persecution they have been subjected to, they are elusive and difficult to observe. We could do the following small classification:

ORDERFAMILY Genus and species Common name
Chiropterans. 20 species Bats
Insectivores Erinaceids Erinaceus europaeus Common hedgehog
Tálpidos Talpa europaea Common mole
Galemys pirenaicusPyrenean Desman
Sorícidos Crocidura russula Common shrew
Sorex araneus Forest shrew
Sorex alpinux Alpine shrew
Neomys fodiens Water shrew
Neomys anomalus Cabrera's water shrew
Suncus atruscus Dwarf mosgaño or Shrew
LagomorphsLeporidae Oryctolagus cuniculusCommon Rabbit
Leptus europaeusEuropean Hare
Leptus timidusVariable hare
RodentsSciurids Sciurus vulgarisRed squirrel
Marmot marmot Marmot
Glyrididae Eliomys quercinus Dormouse
Glis glis Gray dormouse
Microtids genus Pitymys: 3 species Voles
Clethrionomys glareolusRed vole
Microtus nivalisSnowy Rat
Microtus arvalisPeasant mouse
Microtus cabrerae Mediterranean rat
Microtus agrestisWild mouse
Arvicola sapidusWater rat
Arvicola terrestrisNorthern water rat
Murids Rattus rattus Black rat
Rattus norvegicusGray or common rat
Apodemus flavicolisFawn mouse
Apodemus sylvaticusField mouse
Mus musculusHouse mouse
Mus spretusWild mouse
CarnivoresCanidae Canis lupusWolf?
Vulpes vulpes Fox
Ursidae Ursus arctos Brown bear
Mustélids Meles meles Badger
Lutra lutra Otter
Tuesday Tuesday Marta
Tuesday foina Garduña
Mustela nivalis Weasel
Mustela erminea Ermine
Putoris putoris Polecat
Vivérridos Ginetta ginetta Gineta
Felidae Lynx parnina Iberian lynx ???
Lynx lynxEuropean lynx ???
Felis sylvestrisWildcat
ArtiodactylsSuidos Sus scrofa Wild boar
Deer Dama dama Fallow deer
Cervus elaphusDeer
Capreola capreola Roe deer
Bovidae Capra pyrenaica Mountain goat
Rupricapra rupricapraSarrio

Other information about fauna in Aragón:

A small list of species in Aragon would be the following:

Vertebrates Invertebrates








   images about the fauna in Aragon.
   photographs on invertebrates.
   beneficial animals for agriculture.

Also Aragon enjoys a diverse and varied Nature where passing by plants, animals, Geology, or landscapes we can arrive at a fantastic bestiary that lives in its monuments.

The information will not be complete without a stroll by its three provinces, with shutdown in some of its spectacular landscapes like Ordesa, the Moncayo, Monegros or by opposition the Ebro.

Also you can dedicarte to the intangible ones: from the legend compilation that also does to universal Aragon.

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