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Coelenterates. Invertebrates Animal Kingdom. wildlife.

The Coelenterates are very primitive organisms and of a great simplicity.
There are more than 4,500 species of very varied forms, they are marine animals and therefore without presence in Aragon.

They have radial symmetry and the body is formed by two layers of cells, one external or ectoderm, which is attached to another inner layer or endoderm, through an intermediate layer jelly-like called mesoglea.

These animals, gelatinous in appearance, are mainly composed of water (90%).

A characteristic of the censorereos is the presence of stinging cells called nematocysts. Celentéreos have two different forms:  one fixed, the polyp, and the other mobile, the jellyfish.

The stinging cells of the censorereos, called nematocysts, have a sensitive cilia that, with the slightest rubbing, causes a filament to shoot with great force with numerous thorns with which they inoculate poison, capable of paralyzing small animals.

Types of censorereos

The celentéreos are divided into the following classes:

Other information about fauna in Aragón:

A small list of species in Aragon would be the following:

Vertebrates Invertebrates








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   beneficial animals for agriculture.

Also Aragon enjoys a diverse and varied Nature where passing by plants, animals, Geology, or landscapes we can arrive at a fantastic bestiario that lives in its monuments.

The information will not be complete without a stroll by its three provinces, with shutdown in some of its spectacular landscapes like Ordesa, the Moncayo, Monegros or by opposition the Ebro.

Also you can dedicarte to the intangible ones: from the legend compilation that also does to universal Aragon.

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The pasapues project is an extension of the Aragón project is like that, and tries to collect and relate all possible types of documentary information about Aragon: texts, books, articles, maps, illustrations, photographs, narrations, etc., and proceed to its publication and diffusion.

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