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Arthropods Invertebrates Animal Kingdom. Wildlife. Fauna. Zoology.

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Arthropod means articulated appendix.

They include almost 2 million animal species, more than 90% of those in the world, and several tens of thousands in Aragon.

The SEA is making a complete Catalogus of the Aragonese Entomofauna that has already been partially published, where 190 families have been inventoried that add up to 3012 species.

Another feature of many species of Aragonese invertebrates (and several vertebrates) is the restriction of their distribution adapted to a specific biotope, these animals are very sensitive to change. The damage that man causes, every day more quickly, in the nature of our country, can end (and probably have already ended in some cases) with unique species in the world, unrepeatable products of millions of years of natural selection.

They are related to the annelids from which it seems they have evolved.

They are the only invertebrates that have dominated the flight and those with a higher organization and more complex psychic faculties.

They have bilateral symmetry, their body is formed by segments or metamers, and covered by an external flexible skeleton.
The appendices are mobile and articulated.
Almost all have compound eyes and antennae.
Its reproduction is sexual and its development can be complicated in various forms of metamorphosis.

Your body generally consists of three regions: Head, chest and abdomen.

The nervous system is similar to that of annelids, with a brain, a ladder-shaped nerve chain with two nodes per segment. The structure of their brain is complex and they have highly evolved sensory organs.

The circulatory system has a propellant or heart, with holes or ostioles. The arteries flow into cavities or blood lagoons that fill the entire body returning to the heart through the ostioles.

The digestive system is usually rectilinear with mouth, esophagus, stomach, blind, intestine and anus.

The respiratory system can be aerial with openings called stigmas, which communicate with branched tracheas throughout the body, or aquatic with gills, which use the dissolved oxygen in the water.

The body of arthropods is covered by a hard cuticle that forms an external skeleton or exoskeleton.

The change is a periodic phenomenon that allows them to grow, detaching themselves from the exoskeleton and forming a new one according to their new size.


They are divided into two large groups: the chelicerates and the jaws.



They are a group of animals that includes spiders, scorpions, insects and centipedes, all of them present in Aragon.

Other information about fauna in Aragón:

A small list of species in Aragon would be the following:

Vertebrates Invertebrates








   images about the fauna in Aragon.
   photographs on invertebrates.
   beneficial animals for agriculture.

Also Aragon enjoys a diverse and varied Nature where passing by plants, animals, Geology, or landscapes we can arrive at a fantastic bestiary that lives in its monuments.

The information will not be complete without a stroll by its three provinces, with shutdown in some of its spectacular landscapes like Ordesa, the Moncayo, Monegros or by opposition the Ebro.

Also you can dedicarte to the intangible ones: from the legend compilation that also does to universal Aragon.

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The pasapues project is an extension of the Aragón project is like that, and tries to collect and relate all possible types of documentary information about Aragon: texts, books, articles, maps, illustrations, photographs, narrations, etc., and proceed to its publication and diffusion.

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