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      “Canyoning” is evidently activity most entertaining amongst the so called adventure-sports. Every year more  people do practise it, after an first intent remaining fascinated by landscapes, emotions and events.
    The canyons are situated in the most beautiful landscapes, untouched and often almost inaccessible mountain-ranges of an incredible variability of geological formations, modeled during the course of millennia.
They are sometimes narrow and flanked by walls of several hundred meters of altitude, as if the knife of a giant would have cut the mountain to allow the passage to crystalline waters that accumulate in pools, pass by siphons, crawl through the labyrinth of chaos formed by huge rocks, fall in cascades, glide out of a round and well polished pool, into an other and flow, more quiet, into a more open landscape of grandious look.
    Others again lead water only in winter or after a storm, being their bed adorned by the impressive steps of their steep slope.
    The activity consists in descending by the bed of the canyons: immersed in nature, we will descend impressive steps by “abseiling”, jump into pools, slip on slides, pass by labyrinths, swim in crystalline waters or just walk and, above all, we will live unforgettable emotions. Web of worldwide canyons     Canyoning, as all activities in nature and especially in the mountains, contains risks. We move in a wonderful but wild and sometimes hostile medium, where are necessary some specific techniques and knowledge in each descent and climatic situation. A professional guide procures the necessary equipment as well as the knowledge and experience to practise "Canyoning" in security and in the most entertaining way. 

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